Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Domain Name

Purchasing a Domain Name

There are some considerations while selecting a domain name for your business.

Take a start with two situations. One is that you own a business and looking for a domain name in regards to your company name. Other situation is if you have started a new business and you have flexibility to pick any kind of domain name you inspire.

In case of first situation, goal is to achieve domain name with .com extension because it is easy to recall by audience. However, it is unfortunate fact that majority of .com names are taken. Ten years ago, it wasn’t the case as it is now. Numerous shorter English domain names that comes under six characters as well as general English names are also bought up. You need to find a dot com name by searching and using dashes which is not necessarily a good thing.

For start-up situation, you have flexibility to pick the available domain names. You can find a good domain name for yourself in dot com or in dot net. Moreover, you have to look for good domain names that are under 10 characters. Additionally, you could also search for domain names that are not directly related to your business. And if it is memorable then it’s a win-win situation. Similarly, avoid using dashes as it creates mistakes.

There are a lot of websites that help you out in looking for domain name. As soon as you find that name, they will let you know about its availability in .net or in .com, that saves a great deal of time. One of these companies is They ask you about your business type and your selection criteria according to your business such as what kind of benefits your business will help deliver to customers. There are two main registrars which are very popular among people. One is NameCheap, they always concern about usability and they keep on upgrading to make it simple. GoDaddy is also good; it makes an easy process to transfer from one GoDaddy account to other. Since domain name transfer is usually very complex and it takes several steps to accomplish. But GoDaddy makes it simple and easy.

Email address must be valid while buying your domain name. Registrars use your email address in case of primary source for correspondence. In case of your domain name expires, they contact you and warn you to re-purchase it via email. So email address should be in use and valid. Otherwise your website will go dead and affect your business.


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